2009 Is off to a great start….

Just a quick update for the blog followers out there…

We have been quite busy gearing up for 2009. We have been donating our time, sessions and free prints toward great organizations and we continue to do so as whatever helps our community is always a great cause! We have been working on a few new things that we want to bring to all of our sessions this year with a little bit more flare and creativity. We have been inspired by our fellow photographers here in the valley and the support from all of you helping to make us a success… we couldn’t ask for better! We look forward to serving you and all of your photography needs this coming year.

Look for us at idahoweddingideas.com and look for our ads in their catalogs seen at over 500 locations here in the valley and in Premier Bride Idaho or pbidaho.com. Hope all is well for your 2009!! Stop by the site and check it out; http://www.rpatrickphotography.com.

Thank you all again for your support in all that we do!!

Frances & Ryan
R. Patrick Photography


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