Feraci-Eaton Wedding

Thank you Breanna and Cody for letting us have an extra camera to capture some of these photos!! You are the best and we appreciate you so much!! PS… Thank you Breanna for all your help these past couple of weeks!!!


2 Responses to “Feraci-Eaton Wedding”

  1. Cody and Breanna Eaton Says:

    Frances! I LOVE your new blog! It looks so cute : ). Also, I am truly touched by the header picture you chose. It is so special to Cody and me. Thanks for always being such a great friend! I have really been enjoying all time we have been spending together lately : ). You are so great!!!!!!!

  2. R. Patrick Photography Says:

    🙂 Thank you!!! It only looks good because of your help. I really enjoyed that picture and it was more photojournalistic than the picture before it. You are a great friend as well and I appreciate you so much! I will talk to you soon!!!!!!!!

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